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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins

Base unit

Casting for universal base on a swan-neck tow-ball



base-rak with 3 bike racks fitted and two bikes in position

Crate and trolley

base-rak multi-uses


Bak-rak is a series of modular units that can build up to give you a range of different carrier options. The starting point for load-carrying is the base-rak which gives a tough carrying platform. Click for a series of examples of how different combinations can be achieved.

G3 BASE-RAK [ 149 inc VAT ]

The base-rak fits onto any sort of 50mm tow-ball - swan-neck or flanged in seconds and without any fuss. A clever stainless steel clam-shell casting clips over the ball - the rack simply slips over this and tighten the clamp to secure the base. It provides an extremely rigid 800 x 600 mm platform that allows a whole range of accessories to be fitted as well as the bike racks.

The BASE-RAK  will fit up to three standard bike-racks directly onto the frame and the normal bak-rak accessories such as the light bar fit straight on.

When not working it can be mounted vertically simply by tilting on its mount.

The base-rak can be used to carry almost any item. Examples such as a bale of hay, a washing machine, tents, garden table & chairs, mobility scooter, wheelchair etc. are ideally transported this way. They need to be firmly tied down with a ratchet strap or rope. We can sell you some superb Slide-tite hooks that lock onto bungee or rope to give the ideal way to tie down a load. Click for details.

The standard bak-rak Xtenders [bike mount] fits onto the base and will allow four bikes to be carried and removed quickly. This also aids the rapid change of the rack for other loads. Xtenders  can be used under the other loads to allow them to be rapidly removed. The latest Xtenders are telescopic and can be extended for larger loads or to allow 5 or even 6 [including kid's] bikes to be carried on large vehicles with a high tow-ball capacity. These are used in conjunction with load-straps to tie the outer edge back to a door or spare wheel.

If the item being carried blocks the view of the number plate or lights then a lighting board  would need to be fitted. We sell a set of locking brackets [14] for your light-board.

If you have a specific item you want to transport then a sheet of plywood with cut-outs is a wonderful carrier. Ideal for an mobility scooter with cut-outs for the wheels or for a mower with wheel/roller cut-outs. Once located any strap will hold the item in position.


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