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                                                           bak-rak the market leader in towball carriers - Innovation for 20 years

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 THE  Unique tow-ball mounting load carrier system


(UK mainland only) not H&I

–ˆ  Simple to fit - onto any towball in seconds. Clam shell over ball then mount the rak. See mount parts on the right

█ Incredibly strong  tested by Lloyds-British to 650kg loading. 

–ˆ A range of solutions - from luggage or bike carriers to winches and vices

█ Modular - Unique to bak-rak .... load vertically or horizontally to create your carrier

–ˆ Three families of racks to cover any requirement with  interchangeable parts

█Change the configuration as you need. A luggage carrier or a bike or ski carrier


Security :   If you want to increase the security level then you can buy our security bolt system that uses a complex spline drive and comes with a single key. Add this to your order for £12 - this includes bolt and  key    Add £12 security bolt and key to cart  Carriage is free.     Click to view    

The mount system will grip firmly with a clean dry towball. However we do offer a location collar for £12 for added grip.  click for details   


The heavy-duty modular carrier for luggage, boxes, rubbish, rubble,bikes,bags,mobility-scooter, etc. Direct fit on any towbar

  If you  want to carry not just a box but lots of other things then this system is for you.

Base-rak is a simple, robust  tow-ball mounted frame. The starting point for carrying a wide range of loads up to 120Kg. Add modules to do what you want. Add a plywood base with cut-outs to carry a mobility scooter.  made in UK

Tilts up to allow storage when empty or down to open a back door..

G4 Stainless Steel Base-rak   £267

The incredibly popular stainless steel version of the base-rak

Rated at up to 120Kg (dependent on vehicle) has square cross-beams on the robust outer frame. It has 10 inset threads in the top face to allow fixing of any possible accessories. Stainless steel allows extensions to be welded onto the rack for specific needs.

The new version offers an angle adjustment to compensate for tilted towbars. Dimensions 80cm wide by 60 cm deep. Weighs  7Kg

Click here for details               Add G4 base-rak to cart for £267 

Add a tumble mount so the box moves away from a van to  get in the back doors

G3 Base-rak  in plated steel £172 inc VAT  

20 years of base-rak - rated at up to 100Kg (dependent on vehicle) has square cross-beams on a robust outer frame.

The new version offers an angle adjustment to compensate for tilted towbars.  80cm wide by 60 cm deep. Weighs  7Kg

Tumble Mount in Operation - allows a fitted load, box etc. to 'TUMBLE' out of the way to get access to your back doors.

Ideal for a camper van or estate carrying a large load on the base-rak. Buy for £110 on link below.

Click here for details of G3                                  Add G3 base-rak to cart for £172     

Click here for details of base-rak 3,4,5 bike combinations

Click here for details of boxes for the base-rak

Buy accessories for any base-rak [ click link below]

Bike carrier (click to buy £25): G3/G4 fits up to 3 ; tumble mount fits up to 4 ; extender bars fits up to 5

Xtender bars(click to buy £65 ) to increase depth of rack up to 1000mm

light bar brackets (click to buy £22 )to fit light bar to the edge of the rack

Vertical Headboard 65cm (click to buy £45) to tie loads

Load strap (click to buy £12 ) - to anchor high items or add support for large loads

Tumble Mount (click to buy £110 ) - to tumble load out of the way of back door




The towball mounted Box support

  If you only ever want to carry a box then this system is for you.

A robust plastic box mounted on your tow-ball.    Direct fit on any towbar

Unbolts in seconds.


We used to do a lightweight box for £65 but as you can buy a decent box for £20 at Wickes or B&Q we merely show the old box as an example and no longer offer it for sale. Those who want exactly that box can order direct from Plastor.co.uk.

  Box rak will take loads up to 65Kg with any sensible size box.

Box-rak mount system £92


Click for more details    frame only for £92     


Buy the frame (complete with towball mount) on its own for £80 and fit your own box. B&Q, Wickes etc always have boxes of various designs. Try flat-pack cushion boxes as an option. We can ship the frame without box to Europe.    ....

Wall Mount

(for Witter and bak-rak bike racks)

Buy bak-rak set and mount your bikes on the wall

A wall mounting system that will support bak-rak, maxxraxx and witter bike racks. The bracket screws onto the wall and onto it you can mount your own bike rack to store the bikes.  Witter no longer make a wall rack.

Add Wall Mount to cart for £40

If you have no bike rack the bak-rak bike mount can come with the wall bracket allowing the mounting on the wall of up to five bikes.

The arms can be cut back if you need less bikes and more space. 

    Click to enlarge



The towball mounted winch       

A high quality  tow-ball mounted hand winch. Available as a Universal 500Kg unit  for serious pulling work. 


Complete kit includes everything you need - winch,  15M cable, hook and mountings.

Winch-rak 500 £99 inc VAT  inc mounting

Click here for details         Add winch-rak 500 to cart   


Pole-rak Family

Canoe-Rak, Windsurfer-Rak,


     the Ultimate flexible Vertical carrier system

A complete carrying solution for anything to fit vertically behind the car. A vertical aluminium pole allows fitting of a range of carrier parts at any height.

This allows most of the bakrak vertical family to be positioned at heights that suit you, together or separately.

For a canoe or windsurfer rack see full details, click here

Make up your own set of parts to carry any combination of skis, bikes, surfboards, canoes, luggage etc.

For ski-rak click here (from £140)



click picture to view properly


Dog-Carrying Box in Ireland

If you want a towball mounted dog carrier then contact our friend John Ginnel in Ireland. THE ANSWER to carrying dirty working dogs in a clean car. See http://www.ginnellfibreglass.com/  Ring or e-mail for details



A product specially designed to hold a vice (or anvil) securely on the towball.

It allows the vice to be centred as needed on the ball with the capability to swivel the vice vertically through 90 degrees.

This will be a boon to any craftsman to hold work for good strong access. The towball is the only 'hard' part of modern vehicles.

As this is the first batch we are offering a substantial discount (plus our usual return for refund guarantee) in exchange for any feedback on its use or any improvements you may want.


    Price £75  

Bike-rak to carry box


The tow-ball fitting 4 or 5-bike rack that can double as a load carrier.

Fits any tow-ball, swan-neck or flange, on any vehicle (except 4x4 with door mounted spare wheel). With adjustment to get the tube exactly vertical.  Intended for four adult bikes or three adult bikes and two kids bikes. Fantastic new technology in UK allows laser-cutting in tubes that enables us to offer this unit at such a fantastic price. Slots together and stores down inside the main tube.

REVOLUTIONARY system allows the bike arms to be reassembled at low level to carry a box to carry luggage. You can also specify our plastic box.

We used to sell a lightweight box for £65 but as you can buy a decent box for £20 at Wickes or B&Q we merely show the old box as an example and no longer offer it for sale. Those who want exactly that box can order direct from https://www.solentplastics.co.uk/.

Our own tough duty Big Box is ideal, much bigger and stronger that any others generally available as it is made of a special indestructible plastic.

Total weight of the rack is 8kg with loads up to 70kg spread across the rack or box. Autoexpress BEST BUY

Tilts down to the ground for boot access, folds down for no-bike travel. Available with a flange tow bracket mount to fit alongside the towball so can be used while towing. Can also convert to wheelrak to carry your spare wheel.    

Add Box Mounting kit (4 bolts, washers and handwheels) £9                       bike-rak £109 inc VAT

Add bike-rak to cart for £109                  

Click here for details    


The simple universal mount for a winch or vice

Use it vertical, horizontal or upside down to mount anything onto your towball, hand winch, vice, flagpole, radio-mast, bag, case or box. Direct fit on any towbar

Complete kit includes mount bracket, outer casting and clamshell            

Uni-rak £ 74 inc VAT  

for the complete kit inc carriage (UK)          

Click here for details      Add Uni-rak to cart

Swan-neck to Flange Converter

A converter that allows you to mount old flange fit accessories onto a modern swan-neck towball. Use to fit a Dave Cooper MC rack.

          £75 inc VAT  inc carriage (UK)

   Click here for details       Add Converter to cart

Tough Duty Big-box

4ft X 2ft X 2ft (1150x590x600) 450 litres. Made of the toughest plastic we could find (they use it to protect digger windows from vandals) with straps and a lockable catch - both secure and waterproof. It has a deep sided removable lid that can accommodate extra volume. Made to our own design - you won't find a tougher or bigger or better value box. This tilts down to give access to the boot area. Fits to G3 base-rak with a carrying weight limit of 100kg. (or G4 = 120Kg).

The box fits onto our G3/4 base-rak or onto the box-rak frame with 80kg carrying capability. Specify boxrak frame with tumble mount if you need to access the back doors of a campervan. Fitting kit see buy page (supplied FOC if order of G3/4 and box).

Bigger tougher and more capable than any competitors.

 Add Big-box with G3 base for £370 (full price £395)    Big-box with G4 base for £445 (full price £507) 

Add Big-box with G4 base and tumble mount for £490 (full price £530)



Wheel-rak £130            

Currently out of stock

A spare wheel carrier that fits on any standard tow-ball. Tilts for entry to boot. Any normal size of wheel from minis to mobile homes.           

Ideal for modern cars with no spare or gas conversions with no wheel well. Folds down into itself so easy to store in the boot. Adjusts for any size of wheel (up to 245 tread width) . Weighs 8Kg.

     Available with a flange tow bracket mount to fit alongside the towball so can be used while towing.

(specify on order if this type of mount needed)    

Add bike rak arms and crossbar to cart for £45                                        Flange mount bracket

Wheelrak £130 inc carriage (UK)      Click for details  

Add Wheel-rak to cart for £130   Add Wheel-rak (flange-mount) for £130   

 Many modern cars come without spare wheels or can lose the spare-wheel well when converted for gas. Without the security of a spare-wheel then a simple puncture can become a nightmare of waits for a recovery vehicle then local hunting to find an appropriate tyre. Particularly at weekends or in the middle of the night this can make a disaster of any journey. With a bak-rak Wheel-rak and a spare wheel on the towball a solution is available.


When we use the web we tend to look for alternative ways of doing a job. Because we believe bak-rak offers far and away the best universal carrier we are making your hunt easier by pointing you to our competitors.

REVIEW - Recent review of boxes in Autoexpress

has bak-rak as the best buy, https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/106025/best-towbar-mounted-storage-boxes

We have only a couple of competitors providing anything similar to bak-rak and they are not as strong. not made in the UK and less comprehensive kit at what we think are high prices:

The alternatives on the market are the Thule Easybase system which is a copy of the bakrak concept - it carries 60kg and is £240for its base unit (the box sells for an extra £500) and the thule box can fit on a bak-rak base-rak to carry more weight).   See http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thule-Easybase-Backup-420-Litre/dp/B001CC6XOM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318591200&sr=8-2

Or the Westfalia Portilo system which carries 45 kg sells for £330 plus £329 for the bike rack it mounts on. See http://www.pfjones.co.uk/westfalia-portilo-cargo-box.html  


Contact details - Tel 0800 1126884 (01619 072 431) for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]