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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



From time to time we are left with bak-raks that don't meet our current standards but that  are fully functional.

As an environmentally committed team, it offends us to scrap useful kit - so we are offering these at a bargain price on the web-site - with an honest outline of how they differ. Shipping still 10 (what it costs).

It will help us if you pay with PayPal as this cost us less and is more immediate.

1. We have three G3 base-raks on which the plating is not up to our usual standard. Buyers probably won't notice but we do.

The usual price is 149 inc vat - these are yours for 129.    Add to cart

2. A couple of our top of the range stainless vertical skiraks  Stainless scratched but otherwise perfect- were 245 - now 215 to go. Details     Add to cart

3.  Old design box-rak frames with different arrangement functionally the same. Were 115 now 55.   Add to cart for 55

Also frame to fit over this to take bike raks (bike-raks not included) Only 15   Add to cart for 15


Contact details - Wilmond - Tel 01462420102 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0845 644 6884 for technical queries    e-mail sales@bak-rak.com