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bak-rak the market leader in towball carriers - Innovation for 20 years


# Bak-Rak THE  Unique tow-ball mounting load carrier system

█  Simple to fit - onto any towball in seconds. Clam shell over ball then mount the rak.

█ Incredibly strong Base-rak  has been tested by Lloyds-British to 650kg loading.  [Also TUV tested in Germany at 300kg.]

█ A range of solutions - from luggage or bike carriers to winches and vices to fit your needs exactly.

█ Modular - Unique to bak-rak .... fix your loads vertically or horizontally to create the carriers you need.

█ Three families of racks to cover any requirement with many parts interchangeable between the families.

█Change the configuration as you need. A luggage carrier one day a bike or ski carrier next day.   

█ Add the location collar for £9 to increase security of the mount   click for details                

Secure : The bak-rak mount fits on with a 19mm M12 bolt so is proof against casual thieves. If you want to increase the security level then use a M12 socket screw which will mean the thief needs to have the right size key to fit. Add this to your order for £6 - this includes bolt and  the 10mm hex key     Add to cart

We can also supply a 1500mm high quality cable-lock with combination locking (no keys to lose) for £12     Add to cart

   the ultimate horizontal carrier system

The heavy-duty modular carrier for luggage rubbish, rubble,bikes,bags,mobility-scooter, etc.

Base-rak is a simple, robust  tow-ball mounted frame. The starting point for carrying a wide range of loads up to 130Kg. Add modules to do what you want. Add a plywood base with cut-outs to carry a mobility scooter. Tilts up or down. made in UK.

base-rak Generation 3 in zinc-plated Steel

A new version of our incredibly successful base-rak   rated at up to 100Kg (dependent on vehicle) has square cross-beams on the same design robust outer frame.

The new version offers an angle adjustment to compensate for tilted towbars.

G3 Base-rak  £149 inc VAT  

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Accessories for any base-rak

Xtender bars - extends rack length. Tray - carry loads/luggage.  bike-racks - for up to 5 bikes.   Aluminium box - tough load carrier.  Plastic box - for light loads or luggage. Big-box for large loads


The tow-ball fitting 4 or 5-bike rack that can double as a load carrier.

Fits any tow-ball, swan-neck or flange, on any vehicle (except 4x4 with door mounted spare wheel). With adjustment to get the tube exactly vertical.   

Intended for four adult bikes or three adult bikes and two kids bikes.

Slots together with laser cut tube and stores down inside the main tube.

REVOLUTIONARY system allows the bike arms to be reassembled at low level to carry our (or your own) tray (1000X550X150) to carry luggage. Loads up to 80kg spread across the tray.

Vertical rak that supports the bikes with two arms and on rubber under the cross-bar. Tilts down for boot access, folds down for no-bike travel.

                   bike-rak £99 inc VAT

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     DEAL     Bike-rak and tray £115 inc VAT

Short term offer Add DEAL to cart

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New Tough Duty Big-box

4ft X 2ft X 2ft (1150x590x600) 450 litres. Made of the toughest plastic we could find (what they use to protect digger windows from vandals) with straps and a lockable catch - both secure and waterproof. It has a deep sided removable lid that can accommodate extra volume. Made to our own design - you won't find a tougher or bigger box. Fits to either base-rak .

Bigger tougher and more capable than any competitors.

Add Big-box to cart for £240             

 Add Big-box-rak with G3 base for £350    

 Add Big-box-rak with G4 base for £420



The towball mounted Box       

A simple plastic box mounted on your tow-ball.    Tilts to allow access to the boot.     


185 litres - internal size L 65 x W 41 x H 48 cm, external L 85 x W 61 x H 59 cm Wt 9Kg. Max 60Kg load

 Part of our basket-rak family of racks. 4 point detachable lid with moulded in padlock eyes.

Box-rak bargain £149inc VAT complete


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Accessories for any of our basket-rak family of racks : bike raks up to 3, carrying basket, box, spare wheel carrier

Mainland UK ONLY because of carriage charges


The HUGE Load carrier

A strong, robust luggage carrier. Small enough to go in the boot. big enough to carry all your luggage - or anything else you need to carry.

carries up to 85Kg


  Working size is  a huge 125 x 66 x 11 cm

  stores to half this size weighs 8Kg     

Basket-rak  £129inc VAT

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Built as two nesting halves with a rigid spine that stores inside as shown.

New Tray-rak

Special  Offer £75

Sturdy Plastic Tray-on-a-towbracket

 An unbeatable  special offer £25 off the usual price

A simple frame with a robust plastic tray clamps onto any towball with a patent bak-rak mount or for a simpler (& cheaper) fit to a flange towball, mounts on a bracket alongside the towball. 

The tray is wide and 6 inches deep (1000X550X150mm) to carry anything you want from luggage to rubbish for the dump. Loads up to 70kg spread across the tray.

Buy the tray-rak with flange-ball fitting for £75

Buy the tray-rak with universal bak-rak tow ball fitting for £75



A spare wheel carrier that fits on any standard tow-ball. Tilts for entry to boot. Any normal size of wheel from minis to mobile homes.            Part of the pole-rak family of racks to carry bikes or boxes.

Ideal for modern cars with no spare or gas conversions with no wheel well.

Folds down into itself so easy to store in the boot. Adjusts for any size of wheel.

Available with a flange tow bracket mount to fit alongside the towball so can be used while towing. (specify on order if this type of mount needed)

Click here for details                      Add Wheel-rak to cart for £129

Many modern cars come without spare wheels or can lose the spare-wheel well when converted for gas. Without the security of a spare-wheel then a simple puncture can become a nightmare of waits for a recovery vehicle then local hunting to find an appropriate tyre. Particularly at weekends or in the middle of the night this can make a disaster of any journey.

 With a bak-rak Wheel-rak and a spare wheel on the towball a solution is available.



The towball mounted winch       

A high quality CE tow-ball mounted winch operable with a rechargeable drill  or by hand. Available as a Universal 500Kg unit  for serious pulling work. 

Also available a 2000Kg electric winch-in-a-box.  Click here for details        

Complete kit includes everything you need - winch,  10M, drill converter, cable, hook and mountings.

Winch-rak 500 £89inc VAT  inc mounting

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Dog-Carrying Box

If you want a towball mounted dog carrier then contact our friend John Ginnel in Ireland. THE ANSWER to carrying dirty working dogs in a clean car.

See http://www.ginnellfibreglass.com/  Ring or e-mail for details



The tie-down 

Clever plastic clips lock onto bungee or rope for quick & flexible attachment. Four fitments, plate, joiner, hook and clipper.

Slidetite 2 for £2

 or 10 for £ 8.50

Click here for details                            


The simple universal mount 

Use it to mount anything onto your towball, hand winch, vice, flagpole, radio-mast, bag, case, tray or box

Complete kit includes mount bracket, outer casting and clamshell

Uni-rak £39.50inc VAT  for the complete kit

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                         the Ultimate Vertical carrier system

for skis or bikes or luggage or spare wheel or everything

A complete carrying solution for anything to fit vertically behind the car. A vertical high strength aluminium pole mounted with stainless brackets to the bak-rak mount allows you to carry bikes, skis, windsurfers,       luggage or your spare wheel. Any combination only limited by the capabilities of your tow ball.

Using the best materials - stainless steel and high strength aluminium. Light weight and heavy-duty.

    Carries up to 12 sets of skis or 5-bikes or combined with luggage or a box

Comes complete with all the parts to fit a standard 50mm towball (swan-neck, removable or flange)

Stainless Steel ski-rak just £245 inc VAT  BUY     Bare Pole-rak £80 inc VAT BUY      Stainless steel bike-rak (up to 5 bikes) just £125 inc VAT BUY


Make up your own set of parts to carry any combination of skis, bikes, surfboards, luggage etc.


Swan-neck to Flange Converter

A converter that allows you to mount old flange fit accessories onto a modern swan-neck towball.

£36 inc VAT

   Click here for details       Add Converter to cart


When we use the web we tend to look for alternative ways of doing a job. Because we believe bak-rak offers far and away the best universal carrier we are making your hunt easier by pointing you to our competitors.

We have only a couple of competitors providing anything similar to bak-rak and they are not as strong and less comprehensive kit. at what we think are high prices:

The alternatives on the market are the Thule Easybase system which is a copy of the bakrak concept - it carries 60kg and is £143 for its base unit (the box sells for an extra £269 and the thule box can fit on a bak-rak base-rak to carry more weight).   See http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thule-Easybase-Backup-420-Litre/dp/B001CC6XOM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318591200&sr=8-2

Or the Westfalia Portilo system which carries 45 kg sells for £280 plus £329 for the bike rack it mounts on. See http://www.pfjones.co.uk/westfalia-portilo-cargo-box.html


Some examples of uses for the bak-rak - click to enlarge


Contact details - Tel 0845 00 33 4 55 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0845 00 33 456 for technical queries   fax 0845 00 33 55 3   e-mail sales@bak-rak.com