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bak-rak the market leader in towball carriers - Innovation for 20 years


 Bak-Rak THE  Unique tow-ball mounting load carrier system

█  Simple to fit - onto any towball in seconds. Clam shell over ball then mount the rak.

█ Incredibly strong Base-rak  has been tested by Lloyds-British to 650kg loading.  [Also TUV tested in Germany at 300kg.]

█ A range of solutions - from luggage or bike carriers to winches and vices to fit your needs exactly.

█ Modular - Unique to bak-rak .... fix your loads vertically or horizontally to create the carriers you need.

█ Three families of racks to cover any requirement with many parts interchangeable between the families.

█Change the configuration as you need. A luggage carrier one day a bike or ski carrier next day.   

█ Add the location collar and fit the rack without a spanner   click for details                

Secure : The bak-rak mount fits on with a 19mm M12 bolt so is proof against casual thieves. If you want to increase the security level then use a M12 socket screw which will mean the thief needs to have the right size key to fit. Add this to your order for £6 - this includes bolt and  the 10mm hex key     Add to cart

We can also supply a simple 500mm cable-lock with combination locking (no keys to lose) for £8     Add to cart

   the ultimate horizontal carrier system

The heavy-duty modular carrier for luggage rubbish, rubble,bikes,bags,mobility-scooter, etc.

Base-rak is a simple, robust  tow-ball mounted frame. The starting point for carrying a wide range of loads up to 130Kg. Add modules to do what you want. Add a plywood base with cut-outs to carry a mobility scooter. Tilts up or down. made in UK.

base-rak Generation 4 in Stainless Steel

Extra-Heavy-Duty with box-section cross-beams. All beams with thread inserts for fitting accessories. Rated at 130Kg. Fits all the base-rak accessories for complete flexibility. Stainless steel for complete durability.

 G4 Base-rak  £169 inc VAT  

Click here for details                                                  Add Stainless G4 base-rak to cart

base-rak Generation 3 in zinc-plated Steel

A lighter version of our incredibly successful base-rak   rated at up to 100Kg (dependent on vehicle) has square cross-beams on the same design robust outer frame.

G3 Base-rak  £99 inc VAT  

Click here for details                                                  Add base-rak to cart

Accessories for any base-rak

Xtender bars - extends rack length. Basket - carry loads/luggage.  bike-racks - for up to 5 bikes.   Aluminium box - tough load carrier.  Plastic box - for light loads or luggage

  the Ultimate Vertical carrier system

for skis or bikes or luggage or spare wheel or everything

A complete carrying solution for anything to fit vertically behind the car. A vertical high strength aluminium pole mounted with stainless brackets to the bak-rak mount allows you to carry bikes, skis, windsurfers,       luggage or your spare wheel. Any combination only limited by the capabilities of your tow ball.

Using the best materials - stainless steel and high strength aluminium. Light weight and heavy-duty.

    Carries up to 12 sets of skis or 5-bikes or combined with luggage or a box

Comes complete with all the parts to fit a standard 50mm towball (swan-neck, removable or flange)

Stainless Steel ski-rak just £225 inc VAT  BUY     Bare Pole-rak £80 inc VAT BUY      Stainless steel bike-rak (up to 5 bikes) just £125 inc VAT BUY

Make up your own set of parts to carry any combination of skis, bikes, surfboards, luggage etc.

New Tough Duty Big-box

4ft X 2ft X 2ft (1200x600x600) 450 litres. Made of the toughest plastic we could find (what they use to protect digger windows from vandals) with straps and a lockable catch - both secure and waterproof. It has a deep sided removable lid that can accommodate extra volume. Made to our own design - you won't find a tougher or bigger box. Fits to either base-rak .

Bigger tougher and more capable than any competitors.

Add Big-box to cart for £240             

 Add Big-box-rak with G3 base for £330    

 Add Add Big-box-rak with G4 base for £380



The towball mounted Box       

A simple plastic box mounted on your tow-ball.    Tilts to allow access to the boot.     


185 litres - internal size L 65 x W 41 x H 48 cm, external L 85 x W 61 x H 59 cm Wt 9Kg. Max 60Kg load

 Part of our basket-rak family of racks. 4 point detachable lid with moulded in padlock eyes.

Box-rak bargain £149inc VAT complete

Normal price £159

Click here for details          Add box-rak to cart

Accessories for any of our basket-rak family of racks : bike raks up to 3, carrying basket, box, spare wheel carrier

Mainland UK ONLY because of carriage charges



The functional luggage carrier

A simple, robust, fold-small luggage carrier. Small enough to go in the boot. big enough to carry all your luggage

Built as two nesting halves with a rigid spine that stores inside.

Working size is 100 x 56 x 11 cm - stores to half this size weighs 8Kg carries up to 75Kg    

Basket-rak normally £119 inc VAT


Click here for details

Accessories for any of our basket-rak family of racks : bike raks up to 3, carrying basket, box, spare wheel carrier


A spare wheel carrier that fits on any standard tow-ball. Tilts for entry to boot. Any normal size of spare wheel from minis to mobile homes. Part of the basket-rak family of racks to carry bikes or boxes.

Ideal for modern cars with no spare or gas conversions with no wheel well.

Click here for details         Add small spare-wheel-rak to cart    for £99

Add large Spare-wheel-rak to cart for £129

Accessories for any of our basket-rak family of racks : bike raks up to 3, carrying basket, box, spare wheel carrier

Many modern cars come without spare wheels or can lose the spare-wheel well when converted for gas. Without the security of a spare-wheel then a simple puncture can become a nightmare of waits for a recovery vehicle then local hunting to find an appropriate tyre. Particularly at weekends or in the middle of the night this can make a disaster of any journey.

 With a bak-rak Spare-wheel-rak and a spare wheel on the towball a solution is available.



The towball mounted winch       

A high quality CE tow-ball mounted winch operable with a rechargeable drill  or by hand. Available as a Universal 500Kg unit  for serious pulling work. 

Also available a 2000Kg electric winch-in-a-box.  Click here for details        

Complete kit includes everything you need - winch,  10M, drill converter, cable, hook and mountings.

Winch-rak 500 £89inc VAT  inc mounting

Click here for details         Add winch-rak 500 to cart



Dog-Carrying Box

If you want a towball mounted dog carrier then contact our friend John Ginnel in Ireland. THE ANSWER to carrying dirty working dogs in a clean car.

See http://www.ginnellfibreglass.com/  Ring or e-mail for details



The tie-down 

Clever plastic clips lock onto bungee or rope for quick & flexible attachment. Four fitments, plate, joiner, hook and clipper.

Slidetite 2 for £2

 or 10 for £ 8.50

Click here for details                            


The simple universal mount 

Use it to mount anything onto your towball, hand winch, vice, flagpole, radio-mast, bag, case, tray or box

Complete kit includes mount bracket, outer casting and clamshell

Uni-rak £39.50inc VAT  for the complete kit

Click here for details                             Add Uni-rak to cart

The tow-ball fitting 4 or 5-bike rack

Fits any tow-ball, swan-neck or flange, on any vehicle (except 4x4 with door mounted spare wheel).    Intended for three adult bikes and two kids bikes - with the load strap onto the boot or back door will carry five adult bikes. (all our competitors require this too as the leverage on the tow-ball becomes excessive)

Vertical rak that supports the bikes with two arms and rubber clamps under the cross-bar. Tilts down for boot access, folds down for no-bike travel.

  5 bike rack £119 inc VAT BUY

4 bike version £99 inc VAT   BUY

We have just introduced our state of the art Pole-rak bike rak so we are looking to clear stock. When it is gone.. that is it!

previously sold for £149

Click here for details                                    



Swan-neck to Flange Converter

A converter that allows you to mount old flange fit accessories onto a modern swan-neck towball.

£36 inc VAT

Awaiting stock    Click here for details       Add Converter to cart


When we use the web we tend to look for alternative ways of doing a job. Because we believe bak-rak offers far and away the best universal carrier we are making your hunt easier by pointing you to our competitors.

We have only a couple of competitors providing anything similar to bak-rak and they are not as strong and less comprehensive kit. at what we think are high prices:

The alternatives on the market are the Thule Easybase system which is a copy of the bakrak concept - it carries 60kg and is £143 for its base unit (the box sells for an extra £269 and the thule box can fit on a bak-rak base-rak to carry more weight).   See http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thule-Easybase-Backup-420-Litre/dp/B001CC6XOM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318591200&sr=8-2

Or the Westfalia Portilo system which carries 45 kg sells for £280 plus £329 for the bike rack it mounts on. See http://www.pfjones.co.uk/westfalia-portilo-cargo-box.html


Some examples of uses for the bak-rak - click to enlarge


Contact details - Tel 0845 00 33 4 55 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0845 00 33 456 for technical queries   fax 0845 00 33 55 3   e-mail sales@bak-rak.com